Christchurch Metro Cricket Festivals Programme

Christchurch Metro Cricket is delighted to offer a comprehensive Festivals Programme in 2023-24. 

All sessions are registration based (self-nomination).

There have been some changes to the pathway this season.  Many of these are with the intent to provide alignment to the Balance is Better philosophy. 

  • Year 9/10 & Year 11/12 – The intention with this shift is to involve more players playing at the same level as their friends.  In the past the Yr 10 year group is split in half, with the older yr10s playing in the U17 age group and the younger Yr10s playing in the U15 age group.  This is due to the 1st of September cut off.  Many Yr10s in the U17 age group have struggled to compete with the older players, some of which are Yr12. We see this providing both better development and a more enjoyable experience for all participants.
  • Tournaments to Festivals – The terminology change here reflects the alterations in the system to ensure the focus is the development for all players.  Our hope is that the players’ effort, determination and drive to do well on the field is the same as ever, but the off field pressures are reduced.

For more information on Balance is Better click here.  Feel free to get in contact if you have any questions.

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