​​​​​​​Reciprocity Agreements

The following clubs have signed the Reciprocity Agreement, which is available on request from Christchurch Metro Cricket.  This agreement signals reciprocal rights for service in club house bars for all members of organisations who are affiliated to Christchurch Metro Cricket.

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To view an individual signed agreement please contact Mike Harvey

  • Burnside West Cricket Club
  • East Christchurch Shirley Cricket Club
  • Heathcote Cricket Club
  • Merivale Papanui Cricket Club
  • Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club
  • Riccarton Cricket Club
  • St Albans Cricket Club
  • Southern Districts Cricket Club
  • Sumner Cricket Club
  • Sydenham Cricket Club
  • Marist Harewood Cricket Club - members and members guests only to be served

Due to the arrangement between the Richmond Cricket Club and Richmond Working Men's Club, the Richmond Cricket Club are unable to offer automatic reciprocal rights.  Opponents however are welcomed into the club rooms, but must be signed in as guests.

The following clubs are also affiliated to Christchurch Metro Cricket and are covered by the reciprocal rights agreement, but do not offer this themselves as they do not have their own bars:

  • Halswell Cricket Club
  • Lancaster Park Cricket Club
  • Prebbleton Cricket Club
  • Parklands Cricket Club
  • New Brighton Cricket Club
  • The Buffaloes Cricket Club
  • Number 4 Experience Cricket Club
  • Wanderers Cricket Club
  • Canterbury Cricket Umpires and Scorers Association

The Ohoka Cricket Club based in Mandeville welcome all guests as they have a license to serve to general public.